Meeting Notice for ALPS Finals Organizing Committee


Piscine Lakeshore Pool will be hosting the 2015 ALPS Finals (swimming) on Saturday, August 22 and we need your help. This will be the first time that Lakeshore will host the ALPS Finals since 1958!

You can contribute in many ways: provide a baked items for bake sale or help feed the officials on the event day or join our organizing committee to help with advance planning.

We will be meeting on Monday, July 13 @ 6:15 pm at the pool.

We are looking for help securing the following:

  • sponsorship/ donations from local businesses in the Pointe Claire Village/ Pointe Claire Plaza
  • help to prepare the event program
  • help with securing parking for swimmers and officials
  • help from companies to cover costs -printing of event program, food donations from local vendors.

PLEASE join us on Monday, July 13 @6:15 pm for the first planning meeting!

Any questions,

[email protected]
Lakeshore parent volunteer

Piscine entretien fournies par Sodem

Depuis cet été, la ville de Pointe-Claire a sous-contracté la maintenance et l’entretient de la piscine Lakeshore et des autres piscine extérieures à Sodem, une entreprise privée. Comme la responsabilité de notre équipe de sauveteur est maintenant très limitée, nous vous demanderions de contacter la ville directement au 514-630-1200 pour tout commentaire/plainte par rapport à la qualité de l’eau. Il est aussi important de réaliser que notre équipe de sauveteur a encore la responsabilité d’assurer une sécurité pour tous nos membres et qu’en cas de mauvaise qualité de l’eau, ils sont dans l’obligation de fermer la piscine jusqu’à temps que la ville corrige la situation.

Pool Maintenance Provided by Sodem

Starting in 2015, the City of Pointe-Claire hired a third party company (Sodem) to oversee maintenance (chemical, cleaning, mechanical) of the pools. For this reason, our guards are no longer responsible for issues regarding water clarity, chemistry, pump issues, pool water level or water temperature (if the pool is leaking too much). However, if the pool is unsafe for bathing, the guards are required to shut down the pool for everyone’s safety and health until the City can re-establish the pool water safety level. For any complaints in regards to pool water, please call the city directly at 514-630-1200 as our guards are doing the very best they can.
Thank you.